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Welcome to PEA, your trusted partner in the field of Oil, Gas, Electrical and Mechanical Projects. We have years of experience in providing offering safe, efficient, and eco-friendly services in this field. Our dedicated team ensures timely delivery and expert installation, ensuring your energy needs are met with precision.  Come join us for a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

To drive innovation and progress in the energy industry
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lower prices than competitors .We are able to provide our products and services at the lowest price as compared to the market.

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reducing greenhouse gas emissions per year. We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting social responsibility

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LPG pipeline installation

We install LPG pipeline networks in various configurations and applications.

LPG Autogas station

We provide services for designing, installing, and Commissioning of LPG auto gas station

LPG vaporizers and air mix system

We manufacture, supply and install LPG vaporizers and air mix system (SNG system).

LPG Supply and Services.

We offer LPG supply, Operation and Maintenance services for LPG and SNG Plants.

LPG storage and filling plants

We provide services for the design, installation, consultancy, and commissioning of LPG storage and filling plants.

Firefighting systems

We install firefighting systems, designed to enhance safety and protect lives and property from the threat of fire

Gas leakage detection and control

We provide gas leak detectors with control panels.

LPG pipeline and tank accessories

We supply all accessories for LPG pipelines and storage .

Industrial automation and electric panels

We specialize in industrial automation and electrical panel manufacturing.

Consulting for LPG projects

We offer consultancy services for various LPG projects.

HVAC maintenance and repair

We handle HVAC operation, maintenance, and repair services.

Oil storage facility construction

We build facilities for storing oil, such as terminals and depots.

As a leading player in the oil and gas industry, we're committed to delivering the energy solutions that keep the world moving

A device that convert liquid LPG into vapor form for safe use in various applications like heating or cooking.

A system that blends LPG with air to create synthetic natural gas (SNG System) for household or industrial use.

Panels that manage and regulate electrical systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Valves that control the flow and pressure of LPG from storage to usage, suitable for different applications.

Systems designed to detect and suppress fires, safeguarding lives and property in case of emergencies.

We're proud to be a useful and valuable partner to our customers and communities

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